Mail Carrier Still Making His Rounds Despite Wildfire Destroying Most of Neighborhood

The postal employee was spotted on drone footage delivering mail to the houses that somehow survived the flames.

Video footage from a drone shows a neighborhood devastated by the wildfires in Northern California, but it also spotted a lone mailman who was still doing his job despite the disaster. 

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Somehow mailboxes are still standing after the flames leveled structures in their path.

The video was shot by drone photographer Douglas Thron.

“It looked like a nuclear bomb got dropped on the neighborhood and then all of a sudden you see the mail truck driving down the street,” he told Inside Edition. “It seemed surreal, like the last little piece of life left on Earth.”

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His name is Trevor Smith and many people are calling him the most dedicated mailman ever.

"I followed my route like I normally do, I come across a box that was up from a house and I checked and there was outgoing mail it in — we pick those up and carried on," he told Inside Edition.

"The next day when I delivered, there was again, outgoing mail in that box. So, the citizens in that community knew that this was a resource still for them. It is important to continue because we are a part of that community and they trust us. We want to continue that trust."

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