Couple Becomes Viral Video Sensation Over Computer Confusion

INSIDE EDITION meets the elderly couple who became an internet sensation from a video of them trying to figure out how to work their new computer.

For anyone bewildered by computers, meet Rita and Frank Neglia.

They couldn't figure out how to take a photo to celebrate Frank's 84th birthday with their new Mac computer. As Frank held his birthday cake, Rita didn't realize she was actually recording video, not taking a still photo.

On the video, Rita asked, "Do you hear it clicking?"

"No," said Frank.

"Then there's something wrong," said Rita.

After trying again, Rita asked, "Did you hear it click now?"

"No," said Frank.

"Oh, we gotta wait. Here, get closer," said Rita.

Now their hilarious struggle with technology has become a YouTube sensation, viewed over 600,000 times.

Rita and Frank live in Freehold, New Jersey and told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent they never dreamed they would become internet stars at their advanced age.

"I'm a little taken aback that at our age, they picked up our video. But I'm happy about it now," said Rita.

And if you're wondering if they ever figured out how to use their computer, they have. They made a new video when Rita's 80th birthday came around of Frank singing "Happy Birthday."