Man Captures Photo of 'Ghost' in Famous Hotel That Inspired 'The Shining': 'I Was in Shock'

He said they didn't notice what they'd taken a photo of until later.

A Colorado hotel is living up to its scary reputation after a visitor snapped a photo of a “ghost” while on a tour of the place.

Jay Mausling was on a "spirit tour" of The Stanley Hotel with his wife, Jessica, and other family members last month when he began snapping photos inside the 108-year-old building.

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It wasn’t until he arrived home later and was looking through the photos that he and his wife noticed the “ghostly” figure that was seemingly standing amongst them. 

“We were just instructed to take a bunch of photos so that’s basically all I did. I was kind of lagging behind the group and putting myself in different positions,” Mausling told “I was standing on top of the stairs when I took the picture. I just took a picture of a wall a couple times and under the staircase. We looked at the photos later and sure enough, we caught something. “

That “something” was what appeared to be a little girl in a white robe walking up the stairs of the hotel, but no one from the tour remembers seeing a child.

“At first I thought maybe a little girl ran by,” said Jessica Mausling. “I was in shock. How could all of us miss her, especially a little girl in a white gown?”

Jessica said she contacted the hotel and the tour guide said she did not recall seeing the little girl either. 

“By no means did anyone see a little girl in what looks like her pajamas and her slippers walking up the stairs right in front of us,” Jay Mausling said. "Even if you look at the picture, you notice [that] no one is looking there. You just don’t excuse something like that. My initial reaction was, ‘No way!’”

Mausling said he’s shown the picture to friends and co-workers and some have suggested he changed the photo in some way.

“People are like, ‘You photoshopped this’ and I am like, ‘I don’t even know how to use my cell phone,’” Mausling said. “I couldn’t believe it and everyone I show finds it hard to believe.”

This isn’t the first time someone has captured something spooky on camera in the hotel that inspired Stephen King’s horror hit, The Shining.

Houston publicist Henry Yau was visiting the hotel last year when he snapped a photo of a “figure” on the grand staircase inside.

He previously told that when he first took the photo he did not see anything out of the ordinary.

He stayed in the hotel overnight and said he had trouble sleeping. 

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“[I] felt queasy and had stomach problems," Yau said.

He didn’t notice what he’d captured in the photo until the next morning.

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