Twin Panda Cubs Celebrate Their Second Birthday by Devouring Bamboo Cakes

The twins' mom celebrated with them.

It’s a celebration for twin panda cubs that just turned two!

Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue celebrated their second birthday at the Toronto Zoo Friday with bamboo stuffed “cakes” and a birthday banner.

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The banner read: “Happy birthday sub-adults!”

The cubs were intrigued by their birthday decorations and their mother, giant panda Er Shun, helped the twins devour their cakes and played  with the "2" sign staff set up for the occasion.

Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue were delivered by Er Shun, who is from China, on Oct 13, 2015, in Toronto.

The giant panda cubs still nurse from Er Shun, but the majority of their diet is now made up of bamboo.

“Jia Panpan can be described as an outgoing cub, who loves to play and instigate wrestling matches with both Er Shun and his sister,” the zoo wrote on their Facebook page. Jia Yueyue is a little more independent, although she loves to participate and play, she will often quietly remove herself from the commotion and watch the fun while relaxing at a distance.”

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The pandas will move to Calgary Zoo in March with their mom based on an agreement with the zoo.

As part of the through Global Giant Panda Conservation Program, pandas spend five years at the Toronto Zoo before being transferred to the Calgary Zoo.

“The fact that we have had successfully raised twins — twins are so rare with pandas to begin with — and the fact that they are thriving, healthy, sub-adults, we are very proud of what we have been able to participate," said Jennifer Tracey, the marketing director at the zoo. "I mean, there are only four institutions in North America that have pandas and the Toronto Zoo is one of them." 

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