Watch the Very Scientific Fidget Spinner Experiment NASA Performed in Space

Astronauts put a new spin on the trendy toy.

Tomato plants, Tang, and dehydrated ice cream (or maybe not) all come to mind when thinking of the unlikely things NASA has blasted into Earth's orbit over the decades.

But a fidget spinner? 

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Apparently even the amusingly useless trend toy can serve a scientific purpose in the right situation.

And that situation was aboard the International Space Station, where American astronaut Randolph Bresnick recorded a video of the spinner as it spun... and spun and spun and spun.

So when did it stop? Unclear, Bresnick said.

"A fidget spinner in space! How long does it spin? I'm not sure, but it’s a great way to experiment with Newton’s laws of motion!" the astronaut wrote in a Twitter post that accompanied the video.

Other ISP residents got in on the action, even spinning themselves in zero gravity along with the NASA-branded toy.

When not conducting space walks or other scientific endeavors, Bresnick has found time for fun before.

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Not long after posting the fidget spinner video, he posted a photo of himself eating "Astro Banana Pudding with a smattering of space dark chocolate sauce!"

Back in September, Bresnick showed off to followers some balloon animals he created while in orbit. "What do you do when your 7 and 11 year-old children ask you if you have pets in space?... you make them of course!" he wrote at the time.

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