6-Year-Old Makes Lemonade and Doughnut Stand to Serve Police Officers | Inside Edition

6-Year-Old Makes Lemonade and Doughnut Stand to Serve Police Officers

Oliver feels as though he is a part of the department.

A 6-year-old who loves cops decided to hand out doughnuts and lemonade to his local officers.

Brandi Davis, of Kansas, said her son, Oliver, suggested the idea because he “wanted to do something nice” for police officers in the area.

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“They’ve been so nice to him,” Davis told InsideEdition.com. “He has quite a bit of a relationship with all the police departments in the area.”

Oliver’s love for police began a year-and-a-half-ago when he was gifted a police uniform and a matching police bike.

The Leawood Police Department has also given him patches, which he proudly donned while serving lemonade to officers on Friday.

Davis said officers from 10 departments showed up to the stand, which they held in front of their home.

“We got about 120 doughnuts and we had lemonade and water for them. We had at least 100 officers come out,” Davis said.

Oliver brought out the gifts he’s received from several departments during the event to show officers.

“They loved it. I had one officer after say that it made his day,” Davis said. “Oliver was in heaven just being able to talk to all the officers because he really does believe he is part of a police team. He thought it was awesome.”

Oliver’s mom said her son loves police officers because he sees them as heroes.

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“We don’t have any policemen in our family,” Davis said. “He won’t play with any superhero stuff. He said, 'I don’t need Batman, Spider-Man or Superman. I just need these guys.' So they are his superheroes."

And little Oliver is on his fifth police uniform because he likes to wear it so much.

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