Soon-to-Be Grandpa Given a Sonogram Instead of a Ticket in Surprise Pregnancy Reveal

Gary Girodat, 49, was also handed a citation that said he was "driving like a grandpa."

Instead of a ticket, this soon-to-be grandfather was handed a sonogram during a traffic stop.

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Gary Girodat, 49, of Fargo, N.D., appeared confused in a video licensed by Caters News as he was "ticketed" for “driving like a grandpa,” until a sonogram on the following page revealed he would be expecting his first grandchild.

“He had absolutely no clue,” his son and father-to-be Damien Girodat, 28, told

Damien, a police officer in Bismarck, explained that he and his wife, Rachel, 26, wanted to surprise his father in a unique way.

While visiting his dad, he decided to contact a friend at the local police department, who was happy to help him out with the surprise.

After clearing it with the department, Damien said the officer waited in a parking lot until the family drove by. He then pulled them over, citing a faulty tail light.

When Gary read the ticket, he soon realized it was all a joke.

“He thought I had him pulled over for no reason,” Damien said. “He thought it was just a prank since I’m a police officer and he rarely gets pulled over.”

But when Gary noticed the sonogram, he began to cry.

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“Growing up, I hardly ever saw him cry and tear up,” Damien said, noting how special the moment was. “He said he now has to look for a crib when we visit.”

Rachel is currently 16 weeks pregnant and their baby is due in the spring.

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