Veteran Faces Fines From His Condo Association for Flying His Navy Flag: 'It's Ludicrous'

They are fining him $25 per day.

A Navy veteran who suffers from PTSD is engaged in another fight after his Connecticut condo association asked him to remove the military flag he’s placed in front of his home.

Joe Allen was in the Navy from 1965 to 1971, which included service in the Vietnam War. When he returned, however, he was still fighting.

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"I came home with my PTSD, and I was diagnosed with severe PTSD, anxiety, depression,” Allen told WSFB.

Allen said flying the flag in front of his home provides him solace. He and his wife, Joann, have been living in the Laurel Condominiums in Enfield since he retired in 2003.

"It's comforting to me to be able to come up in the morning, see my flag, besides the American flag, but this is where I served, I served in the Navy."

He said he put up the Navy flag a year ago and never received any complaints until recently when employees did a walk-through of the complex.

"Just all of a sudden they do a walk around and they decided to say you can't put your Navy flag up anymore,” Allen said.

But, Allen said he doesn’t believe the restriction is justified and has been making phone calls to see what he can do about it.

“They're sitting here fat and happy, so to speak, and enjoying the freedom and they pick on somebody that really tries to conform to all of the rules that they come up with,” Allen said.

The management company for the condominium, Premier Property Management Services, said in a statement to that they have the responsibility “to enforce the rules and regulations set forth by the Homeowners' Association.”

They also noted that any owner can request a hearing to explain their situation to a governing board for the condominium and ask for rules to be modified or have fines waived.

“We wish Mr. Allen the best of luck at his hearing, and we thank him for his service to our country,” they wrote in the statement.

Allen said the condo association wants to fine him $25 a day for each day he keeps the flag up, but the veteran doesn’t plan on backing down.

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“To me it's ludicrous,” Allen said. "It's a symbol of me serving my time, for the freedom that we live with.”

Allen’s hearing with the board has been scheduled for next month.

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