Man Surrenders to Police, Brings Doughnuts: 'You Guys Suck!'

He had promised to turn himself in if his Facebook post received 1,000 shares.

His Facebook challenge landed a Michigan man in jail.

After taunting police online, Michael Zaydel lived up to a vow he made to surrender to cops, and bring them doughnuts, if his social media post was shared 1,000 times.

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He “made good on his promise to turn himself in... for his outstanding warrants,” the Redford Police Department said on its Facebook page.

The 21-year-old, whose online alias is "Champagne Torino," not only brought 12 glazed doughnuts, “he brought one bagel!” the post said.

He was sentenced on Tuesday to 39 days in jail, Sgt. Duane Gregg told He had failed to meet the terms of his probation on drunken driving and assault and battery charges.

Zaydel had been jeering police online, posting “You guys suck!” and other comments on the department’s Facebook page.

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When police put up his mugshot, and said he was wanted on parole violation charges, the man wrote “Yeah I’m not worried about it. If you’re (sic) next post gets a thousand shares I’ll turn myself in along with a dozen doughnuts. And that’s a promise.

“And I’ll pick up every piece of litter around all your public schools. Let’s see if you can get those shares.”

In the end, it only took about an hour to rack up 1,000 shares. By Tuesday, the police post had been shared more than 4,000 times.

He walked into the station — with the goods — on Monday.

“There was so much attention on him, there was really nowhere else he could go,” Gregg said.

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