Couple Makes Extravagant King Kong Display in Front of Their Home for Halloween

They have been making elaborate displays for the past five years.

A Utah man is bringing in Halloween, King Kong-style.

Ammon Smith, 33, has decked out his front lawn as a scene from the classic film, and his Salt Lake City neighbors love the nearly 40-foot display.

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“We love Halloween. We also really enjoy doing crafty things,” Smith told “Every year Halloween gives us an excuse to build something gigantic and have fun with it.”

Smith, who does a lot of woodwork, and his wife, Tera, have put together a scene on their property for the past five years, attracting thousands of people.

A fan favorite was the pirate ship they created in 2014. They've also made a skeleton train.

“We found over the years that it’s very community-building,” Smith said.

This year, it took the couple 80 hours to build the scene after they decided on it in August.

The Empire State Building is made from wood and Styrofoam while King Kong was built from pool noodles, wood, and fabric. Smith said they even used a fog machine to make “clouds.”

It cost them about $140 to build, but that's pennies compared to the amount of candy they bought for trick-or-treaters.

“It’s probably a good $500 on candy,” Smith said. “We get people who also bring bags of candy by and leave it on our doorstep. Otherwise it’d probably be a lot more.”

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What’s most important to the family, however, is the joy their projects bring to the community. They make sure not to make their themes too scary so young children can enjoy the set-up as well.

“I guarantee right now there are probably four cars stopped in front of my house. It’s pretty constant. It’s fun for everybody,” Smith said. “We stay away from the blood and guts so everybody feels comfortable coming by and asking us for a piece of candy.

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