Newlyweds Adopt Stray Dog That Crashed Their Wedding

They said he is doing well now.

Two newlyweds have adopted a stray dog that was an uninvited guest at their wedding.

Marília Pieroni and Matheus Gomes Martins tied the knot in Brazil last month in a ceremony that was supposed to take place outdoors, but when it started raining, a dog sought shelter in their tent.

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“We planned our wedding for two years," Pieroni told "We dreamed of an outdoor ceremony and with the starry sky — it had to be perfect. But not everything went as planned. It rained a lot. We had to cover the place of the ceremony.”

That’s when the “wet" and "dirty” dog waltzed into the ceremony. But Pieroni said she didn’t mind because she loves animals.

“People could not get him off the premises,” Pieroni said. “But at the moment of the blessing of the covenants, he went to lay on my veil to sleep. We think it's really cool to see the innocence of this little animal."

The dog, which they’ve since named Snoop, eventually left the ceremony on its own accord after the rain stopped.

The couple couldn't stop thinking about the dog after the special moment, so they enlisted the help of the community to find it.

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Eventually someone tipped them off to his location and the pair was able to adopt him.

“We decided to adopt him because we knew he was an animal that lived on the street,” she said. “Today he is super good, happy, feeding properly, going out for a walk and we are even happier.”

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