1-Year-Old Baby Found Dead in Crib Had Died of Drug Overdose: Reports

Her death was ruled a homicide.

A 1-year-old baby in New York, who was found dead in a crib in March, died of an overdose, according to reports.

Bianca Abdul, whose death has been ruled a homicide, reportedly overdosed on a generic version of valium, the medical examiner’s office announced Tuesday.

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The infant was found unresponsive in the Pack 'n Play in her family’s Staten Island apartment on March 20, and her mother called police, authorities said.

The mother, Leila Wade, told police that Bianca hit her head on a coffee table three days before her death but “seemed fine” afterward.

Wade, 38, then reportedly told police she thought the little girl had gotten her hands on her prescribed pain medicine, Embeda, on the floor of their home.

The pill is a mix of morphine and naltrexone.

“That amount for a 15-pound baby, you're going to sleep," Wade told SILIVE after her daughter’s death. "You're going to sleep with no pain... there's no crying out, it's immediate."

Bianca's father wasn't living at the house at the time of her death, due to an order of protection issued by a judge after an alleged assault against Wade, according to the paper.

Before Bianca’s death, her home was investigated by the Administration for Children’s Services on allegations of drug use, violence and neglect, NBC reported.

No charges have been filed in connection with Bianca’s death as police continue their investigation.

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Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon has said Bianca is not the only baby in the borough who has died in this manner.

“We have a few cases under investigation,” he said in a statement. “We’ve had cases involving death and we have cases where children have survived. There have been a handful of cases, enough that we have been very alarmed by this and see this as another terrible manifestation of the crisis that we face here on Staten Island. It’s an all-out battle.”

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