Man Reveals Wild Scene After His Home Was Invaded by Teens While He Was Out

Mike Cox says he was shocked when he came home with his wife to find 300 partygoers in his house.

Police are investigating a house party attended by teens who broke into a Colorado house and partied the night away while the homeowner was out to dinner.

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The party played out on social media sites like Snapchat and cops say the teens brought in beer and imbibed alcohol that was already in the home.

The owner of the house, Mike Cox, could not believe his eyes when he returned to the home with his wife.

"Seeing them sit at our kitchen table — just complete rage. I wish I could have gotten my hands on them," he told Inside Edition.

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Cops believe the teens apparently thought the home in Parker, Colo., was empty after somebody noticed an online ad showing that the home was for sale. Word about the epic party spread on social media and teens descended on the home in droves.

"It just slowly built to 300 kids standing on our furniture, throwing beer cans, beer bottles, squirting champagne all over the house," Cox said. "As bad as everything is, the party was still ramping up, I heard that more people were on the way. There could have been more people here."

Cox has taken his house off the market until the repair work is completed.

"I want them prosecuted," he said. "I want them arrested. They have to pay for the damage they have done."

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