Mom Snaps Photos of 1-Year-Old Son to Hilariously Re-Create Her Brother's Modeling Photos

She thought'd it be funny to mock her brother.

Look out modeling world — 1-year-old Augie is on the scene!

Katina Behm, Augie’s mom, thought it’d be funny to spoof her brother’s modeling photos by dressing up her 1-year-old for some photos of his own.

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Behm said her 28-year-old brother, Aristotle Polites, shares his modeling photos on Instagram and the idea to spoof him with her son came innocently enough.

“When Augie was 9 months, I was getting him dressed,” Behm told “He was being kind of fussy and I couldn’t get his button-up to button so it was open and so I laughed because he looked like he was on the cover of a romance novel.”

Behm said she snapped a picture of him and then realized her brother had a similar picture of himself on his Instagram so she put the two photos side-by-side in an image and sent it to him and some family members. 

“We got such a kick out of it,” Behm said. “I dug through some pictures of my brother’s and found just a few more that I could re-create with Augie then I did those then shared with family and shared with friends.”

Because everyone liked it so much, Behm started sending them out weekly, but so many friends were asking to share it with their own friends that she started posting the comical photos to her own Instagram.

“Enough people kept harassing me because they were sharing them every Monday with co-workers or with friends and they were like, ‘You have to make an Instagram,’” Behm said.

So she created Baby and the Body to share the images in March. The page now has more than 6,500 followers.

The mom does 5- to 10-minute photo shoots with Augie for the photos, and she says he enjoys it — for the most part.

She said sometimes he gets really into it and on those days she tries to capture him in several different outfits and poses. But other days, it's not so easy.

“If you’ve ever hung out with a 1-year-old, you know you really can’t get them to do anything,” Behm said. “Augie has always been really serious. We called it resting grump face because he always has this resting pout to him so a lot of that works really well with him with modeling and pictures that my brother posts.”

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Behm said she is happy others can enjoy something that her family is thoroughly enjoying.

“But I am so happy that everybody else who doesn’t know me or Augie or Aris has been enjoying it as much as we have because that’s sort of its purpose. At its essence it’s just to bring a smile,” she said.

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