This Paddleboarding Chicken Is Living Her Best Life

She watches the sunset with her family.

A paddleboarding chicken in Florida is clearly living the dream.

The chicken, Loretta, lives in the Florida Keys with her owner, Karly Venezia, and loves to ride out on the water to watch the sunset.

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“Loretta is very curious and follows us around the yard,” Venezia said.  “We like to get out on the water so it only seemed natural to us to take Loretta paddleboarding and boating and things that we do with our dogs.”

Venezia said she sometimes takes Loretta out for a couple of hours and she’s always calm, cool, and collected – until it's time to retire for the evening.

“When sunset happens, it’s bedtime and Loretta’s ready to go," Venezia said.

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Venezia said she loves having Loretta as a pet so it makes sense to take her along.

“Loretta seems to enjoy water-related activities in addition to paddleboarding. We’ve taken her out boating for sunsets and she always seems to have a great time,” Venezia said.

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