Cindy Anthony's "I Love You" Garners Icy Stare from Casey Anthony

There was drama in the courtroom at the Casey Anthony murder trial as Cindy Anthony mouthed "I love you" to daughter Casey and received a disdainful grimace in return. INSIDE EDITION reports.

There was a moment of drama as Casey Anthony's mother Cindy was leaving the witness stand after testifying against her daughter.

She turned to Casey and mouthed the words, "I love you."

Casey's response was a disdainful grimace.

"What was interesting is the reaction of Casey Anthony to her mother which was basically to not acknowledge her mother's pain and suffering on the stand but furthermore to roll her eyes as if to say, 'This is the way you love me?' Casey is at war with her parents at this moment," says True Crime's Aphrodite Jones.

Among the last pieces of evidence shown the jury was the tattoo, "Bella Vita," which means "beautiful life" in Italian. Prosecutors say Casey got the tattoo after killing Caylee and embarking on a month of out-of-control partying. The defense claims it was meant as a tribute to the child.

Now that the prosecution has rested, the big question is, will Casey Anthony take the stand in her own defense?

"Casey Anthony, in my opinion, should not testify. She can't possibly lie her way out of this one. She knows it and the best thing for her to do is keep her mouth shut and I think she will," says Jones.

The defense will call its first witness tomorrow morning.