Exclusive Photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child

INSIDE EDITION has the latest on Arnold Schwarzenegger's secret son, including photos of the young boy that show the striking resemblance to his famous father.

INSIDE EDITION has obtained exclusive images of 13-year-old Joseph Baena. The pictures showcase what was a normal childhood for the boy– playing the guitar and jumping on a trampoline with a friend–that is, until the stunning news came out that he is the former governor's son.

Joseph's mother, Schwarzenegger's mistress Mildred Patricia Baena, recently broke her silence to Hello! magazine. In the interview, she revealed how Maria Shriver noticed the strong resemblance between young Joseph and her husband.

And Shriver isn't the only family member who saw the similarities.

Before it was known that Arnold Schwarzenegger had a secret child, some people in Joseph Baena's family thought that there was something special about him.  

Charlie Pena, Joseph's cousin, told INSIDE EDITION that he was at a family party when then nine-year-old Joseph did something only the son of a muscleman would do.

"He actually lifted me up over his head and launched me into the swimming pool," said Charlie Pena.

"He was nine years old and he lifted you up?" Moret asked.

"Yeah, he lifted me up over his head and body slammed me into the swimming pool. Now that I think back, it makes sense," Pena said.

After Shriver learned the truth, Baena moved to a home in Bakersfield, California. But once the world learned of the secret, Baena reportedly went into hiding somewhere in Texas.

Now that Baena has broken her silence, her nephew hopes that her life will soon return to normal.

"I don't think anybody got off easy…This is a very serious situation and it's not a joke," Pena said.