Riots Take Over Vancouver Streets After Losing Stanley Cup

The streets of Vancouver, B.C. turned to chaos after the home team lost the Stanley Cup finals and rioters set cars on fire and smashed store windows. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

There were scenes of shocking mayhem filled the streets of Vancouver, B.C.

A car was turned over and totally trashed by the mob. One man as tried to prevent rioters from burning a truck and was swarmed by the crazies and pummelled with punches.

A disturbing cell phone video shows another man trying to stop a store from being looted. He tried pushing the mob away with a pole, but was dragged to the ground and viciously kicked and beaten.

100,000 people filled the streets Wednesday night as they watched their hometown Vancouver Canucks lose game seven of the Stanley Cup finals, 4-to-nothing, to the Boston Bruins.

Outside the arena, angry, drunken fans started pelting a giant TV screen. Then all hell broke loose. Rioters smashed cars, set them ablaze, and danced around the flames.

Hand-to-hand combat broke out between the hooligans and police. Cops in riot gear were overwhelmed and had to retreat under a hail of rocks.

Footage from a TV news helicopter showed cops punch a rioter, put him in a headlock and wrestle him to the ground. The reporter in the chopper couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Another YouTube video shows people on rooftops watching the battle in the streets below.

One couple was actually laying in the street kissing as the riot rages all around them.

The mayor of Vancouver calls the violence "absolutely disgraceful and shameful."

And to think it all started because the team lost the championship.