INSIDE EDITION's Exclusive Look into Caylee Anthony's Bedroom

INSIDE EDITION got an exclusive look inside Caylee Anthony's bedroom when the 2-year-old went missing in 2008, and looks back at the room where the little girl lived before her tragic death.

With all of the drama that surrounds the Casey Anthony trial, it's easy to forget the little girl whose life was tragically cut short. After one look inside Caylee Anthony's bedroom, it's clear that she was a toddler who loved her toys and stuffed animals. Her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, gave INSIDE EDITION a rare look inside the bedroom she created for Caylee at her home Orlando, Florida.

"When you walk in, you look around and you can just imagine this cute little girl," Cindy Anthony said.

When Cindy opened her home to INSIDE EDITION in 2008, the bedroom where Caylee would lose herself in a little girl's fantasy world remained untouched; pictures of Casey and her daughter adorned the walls. At that time, Caylee was still a missing person.

There were toys frittered throughout the room. Caylee's favorite was Winnie the Pooh.

"She's just the love and joy of all of our lives," Cindy said.

Caylee loved books, and her bedroom was filled with them. One series taught little Caylee about feelings–sadness, anger, and one particularly poignant emotion: fear.

"We have lots of books from Casey's childhood that Caylee just loves," Cindy said.

Cindy will never forget her granddaughter's favorite book, Suppertime for Frieda Fuzzypaws: the same book Caylee was reading in the Anthony home video that has gone viral.

"She knows the story," Cindy said of the video, "She's reading the story in her way to her great-grandfather. She calls him Papa."

Back then, Cindy told us she and Casey had even talked about writing their own children's book.

"We talked about doing a series about Caylee, and calling her our little Caylee bug," Cindy said.

The bedroom, frozen in time, served as a haunting reminder of a little girl gone too soon.