Wingwalker Stuntwoman Dies From Injuries After Plane Crash

In a follow up on a story INSIDE EDITION brought you in March, the beautiful wing walker who was badly burned in a plane crash has died from her injuries.

A spectacular stunt went horribly wrong. Riding on the wing of an airplane was beautiful wingwalker, Amanda Franklin. Piloting the plane was her husband, Kyle.

As Kyle pulled out of a steep dive, his engine stalled. Suddenly there was a flash of flame. Amanda struggled to get out of her harness and leapt into the front cockpit.

Moments later the plane crashed.

Amanda was badly burned in the crash at the air show in Brownsville, Texas. Kyle was also severely injured.

"I had a hold of her and I knew I was being burned but I was trying to get her out," said Kyle after the accident.

The accident took place in March. And every day since then Kyle has faithfully documented Amanda's fight for survival on his Facebook page. On day 75 Amanda was still clinging to life.

"Amanda had a really hard day. During dressing change this morning she started bleeding really bad and they had a hard time stoping it," Kyle wrote on his Facebook page.

The posting took a darker turn as Kyle made the heartbreaking decision to take Amanda off life support.

"I made the hardest decision of my life today...I don't want her to go through another four weeks of hell," Kyle wrote.

Amanda died of her injuries. She was just 25.

Kyle and Amanda shared a remarkable love story. Both of their fathers were stunt pilots and they were killed when their planes collided at an air show six years ago.

Kyle and Amanda were married three months later. They continued to perform their death-defying stunts across America, with Amanda riding the wings of their 70-year-old bi-plane.

As Kyle sat at Amanda's hospital bedside knowing the end was near, he wrote this final farewell:

"Amanda my love, I love you with all my heart, soul and everything I am. Our life together was supposed to be seventy years not seven, but I look forward to seeing you in my dreams every night my love."

At Amanda's funeral, trumpeters played Amazing Grace, and Kyle arranged for a squadron of vintage planes to fly over her gravesite.

Kyle said, "I do have my regrets on things and I will always wonder you know, had I done this differently, but that kind of stuff can really consume you."

A final tribute to a fearless woman who loved riding the wind.