Britney Spears Gets Mixed Reviews on New Tour

Britney Spears tweeted photos from backstage on the opening night of her new tour where she’s received mixed reviews. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It's your first look at Britney Spears's very skimpy costumes for her new tour. She opened her first show in sparkly lingerie. There was also a bustier, tiny studded jean shorts paired with a bra top.

Spears also wore a Marilyn Monroe skirt that floated up to reveal her fishnet stockings.

London's Daily Mail claims Spears has a "paunch" and "looks out of shape" but celebrity blogger Perez Hilton says, "Britney seems to have gotten her spark back."

Backstage at a tour stop in Sacramento, Spears wore that sparkly lingerie as she snuggled with boyfriend, Jason Trawick. She tweeted the photo with the message, "It's opening night!!!!"