Fist Fight Erupts Outside Casey Anthony Trial

The Casey Anthony trial continues to make headlines as a fist fight broke out this morning among spectators clamoring to get a seat in the courtroom. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The drama continues at the Casey Anthony trial, but this time, fists are flying.

As spectators lined up for seats around dawn, a dispute broke out after two men were accused of cutting the line.

Suddenly, the scene exploded. One spectator held another in a head lock while a woman pummeled him.

"A guy was cutting in front of me, and I got in front of him, and he just got me in a chokehold when I wasn't looking," one of the men said.

As police ordered the two men out of the line, spectators cheered.

Ugly scenes like this outside the trial proceedings have prompted court officials to change the way tickets are distributed.

"It speaks to the madness this case has incited. I think the media, we're part of that madness. But ultimately, people want to see justice for Caylee and I think that's what is drawing them in. Because at the end of the day, this is a mystery: what happened to Caylee Anthony?" True Crime's Aphrodite Jones said.

Meanwhile, convicted kidnapper Vasco Thompson made a special appearance at the trial today.

The defense claims Casey Anthony's father, George, made four phone calls to Thompson two days before Caylee was reported missing.

But Thompson said he does not know George Anthony, and that the number Anthony called was not his.

"I don't know why they got me involved in all of this mess," Thompson said. "I have no idea who George Anthony is."

Jones maintained that calling in Thompson is part of the defense's strategy. "He has had no contact with George Anthony. He's being thrown under the bus, by the defense who want to create a red herring," Jones said.

In yet another bizarre twist, George Anthony called 9-1-1 to remove a news crew outside of his home.

"I'm calling in regards to a gentleman who is out in front of my home. This gentleman who is not supposed to be anywhere near our home," he said.

He was referring to bounty hunter, Leonard Padilla, who was outside the house with TV Judge Jeanine Pirro and a camera crew. No arrests were made.

The brawl prompted officials to institute new courthouse rules. Folks must now sign up for tickets for the trial.