Dalia Dippolito Sentenced to 20 Years For Attempted Murder

INSIDE EDITION reports on the sentencing of a woman who attempted to hire a hit man to kill her new husband.  

Dalia Dippolito thought she was getting away with the perfect crime. Instead, she's been sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

Dalia was caught on tape hiring a hit-man to kill her husband of just seven months. In court, she sat stone-faced as Michael Dippolito vented his frustration.

"This girl doesn't feel sorry for anything. She still doesn't think she did anything," he said.

When the hit man, who was actually an undercover cop, asked Dalia if she was certain she wanted to go through with the crime, she responded: "I'm positive–like 5,000% sure."

The undercover cop even pretended to go through with the hit. When Dalia arrived at the fake crime scene at her Boynton Beach, Florida home, she turned on the crocodile tears.

Even at the police station, when cops revealed that Michael was still alive, Dalia continued to feign emotion.

"Mike, come here! Come here please," she begged.

Dalia was convicted last month of soliciting a hit man. At her sentencing on Thursday, the judge called her "pure evil."

"It was astonishing. The goal blooded denial that you're willing to go to," he said.

The woman shed real tears, however, when her 16-year-old sister begged the judge for mercy. "I need her here," the young girl said.

And the drama continued when Dalia's attorney gave her husband back the deed to his house.

"Wow, thanks for giving me back my own house... I already own this house. I paid for it," Michael said.

When her sentence was finally handed down, Dalia remained defiant.

Outside court, a grateful Michael took a moment to make a joke, echoing his wife's cold-blooded words.

"As far as the sentence, I'm 5,000% happy with it," he said.