The Many Faces of Casey Anthony

Throughout the trial we saw many different faces of Casey Anthony and some court watchers believe she may have been putting on a show for jurors. In the end, as the not guilty verdict was read, Casey's face expressed incredible relief. INSIDE EDITI

There are many faces of Casey Anthony: one that reacted to Tuesday's not guilty verdict with relief, and earlier, one distorted by tears, lit by laughter, flirtatious one moment, and horrified the next.

The jury carefully watched Casey Anthony's face for clues to the mystery at the heart of the case: the truth behind Casey's many faces.

True Crime writer Aphrodite Jones was at the trial. "Interestingly, Casey mugs for the camera. She tends to have certain expressions when she wants to get across to the jury that they're wrong. She has ways to communicate with her body language to the jury," Jones said.

In addition to her demeanor in court, the jury paid close attention to photos of Casey pursuing a party-hearty lifestyle after Caylee went missing.

But there's also yet another seemingly contradictory side of Casey that's been displayed: one that portrays her as a loving mom. To further complicate the situation, Casey has also emerged as an angry daughter who fought bitterly with her parents during jailhouse visits.

Occasionally, the jury saw yet another face of Casey Anthony: a beautiful young woman on trial for her life.

The latest face of Casey Anthony now includes the woman who awaited the moment of judgment as the jurors' verdict was read out.