7-Year-Old Leads Cops On High Speed Chase

Police were lead on a high speed chase by a 7-year-old wearing pajamas behind the wheel. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It was a high-speed chase, with danger ever-present as the fleeing car almost runs off the road. But wait till you find out who was behind the wheel.

That's right—there was a little boy driving the car. He was actually only 7 years old and was wearing his pajamas!

The chase happened outside Detroit as frantic motorists called 911.

911 Dispatcher: "You've seen it was a child driving?"
Caller: "Yeah, it's a little kid...He's flying down that road right now."

At one point the kid was going 70 miles per hour and almost ran off the road several times.

Cops say the unnamed child took his step-father's car and was driving to see his biological dad.

After 20 miles, a police van pulled in front and the boy finally slowed down and stopped.

An officer ran to the driver's door but the car inched forward again, before the boy slammed on the brakes, putting an end to the tiny driver's time behind the wheel.