Real Life Bad Teachers

As Cameron Diaz's comedy Bad Teacher hits theaters, INSIDE EDITION takes a look at some unforgettable real-life bad teachers who were caught in some unbelievable situations. 

In her new movie Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz plays an out-of-control teacher who bullies students.

But this isn't just Hollywood make believe. In real life, lots of teachers have been caught misbehaving in the classroom.

Who could forget the classroom brawl caught on tape where the teacher was the one who was dishing out the beating? That's right, the teacher.

Sheri Davis was charged with assault and received probation and told INSIDE EDITION she was actually protecting another student, who can't be seen on the video.

Davis told INSIDE EDITION, "I don't condone my response. What you see is a rush of emotions, and I'm not excusing that."

In another instance, a math teacher in Nashville lost it and had his stunned students running for cover as he threw a trash can.

Another teacher in Tennessee was caught on tape paddling his students. Incredibly, the students suggested the teacher paddle them in exhange for letting them play cards in the classroom, and even more incredibly, the teacher agreed. Charges against him were later dropped.

Then there was the teacher who was caught drunk, dancing in the classroom in 2009. Realzing she was wasted, some of her students took out cell phones and started taping. 13-year old Kaylin Jackowitz said the teacher wanted the students to dance with her.

"She just kept saying, 'I haven't had sex in 20 years, at least you can dance with me.' "

That teacher, Kylie Nelson, admitted to police that she had just drunk an entire bottle of vodka.

"It makes me want to cry. I wasn't thinking straight, obviously," said Nelson.

At the New York premiere of Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz told INSIDE EDITION she's had her own share of real life bad teachers.

"I had one teacher who sort of spent most of the year with his feet up on the desk. Which I didn't mind. And then the teacher who had a lot of food in his teeth all the time," said Diaz.

And Diaz's sexpot behavior in front of students in the movie is all too common in real life. Lots of teachers have been caught having affairs with students.

Who could forget Tennessee teacher Pamela Rogers, who sent a racy phone video of herself to a 13-year-old student.

And there was Florida teacher Debra LaFave, who plead guilty to battery after having sex with a 14-year old middle school student.

So when you see Cameron Diaz vamping it up on screen as a bad teacher, it's not as far-fetched as you might think.