String of Robberies Indicate a Disturbing New Trend

A crime wave of pharmacy robberies is sweeping the nation, and some have turned deadly for innocent bystanders. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

In Long Island, a security camera captured chilling photos of the gunman as he carried out his execution-style spree. The horrific crime killed four innocent people in Medford, Long Island, including one teenaged girl.

Police say they have arrested a man they suspect could be responsible for the senseless crime.
A man, identified as David Laffer, was taken into custody this Wednesday.

The tragedy has put a spotlight on how drugstore robberies are sweeping the nation. Authorities say that there have been an astonishing 2899 robberies at pharmacies across the United States in the last five years alone.

Long Island pharmacist Meg Pierce, whose store is near the site of the massacre, said it has gotten so dangerous that she's decided to keep a baseball bat by her side for protection.

"I am scared," Pierce said.

In the wake of the latest tragedy, other drugstores are installing new security cameras.  

"We have cameras all over. If you're walking in here, you're on video," a Long Island pharmacist said.