Do Casey Anthony's Parents Think She's Guilty?

Casey Anthony's parents reportedly made a shocking admission to their attorney that they think she's not innocent in the death of their granddaughter. Now the attorney is trying to clarify his statements. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Do Casey Anthony's parents really believe their daughter is guilty? That's the shocking report that just surfaced.

CNN reporter, Gary Tuchman spoke to George and Cindy Anthony's lawyer, who reportedly said the parents think Casey murdered little Caylee.

Tuchman said, "They do not believe that their daugher Casey is innocent in regards to the death of their granddaughter, Caylee. I asked him a very specific question. I said, 'Do your clients, George and Cindy Anthony, think that she is not guilty?' And his answer was, 'They do not think that' and then he added to me, he said, 'They do not believe that she is innocent.' "

But the Anthony's lawyer, Mark Lippman, is now saying that the CNN reporter took his remarks out of context.

"The Anthony family maintains they want the truth about what has happened to their granddaughter," he said Thursday.

Pointedly, the statement did not address the issue of how the parents feel about Casey's guilt or innocence.

True Crime writer Aphrodite Jones has observed the Anthonys in the courtroom throughout the trial.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd said to Jones, "It sure sounds like George and Cindy's attorney said something he shouldn't have."

"Lippman certainly did let something slip and perhaps he's indicating what he thinks are the sentiments of the Anthony's," said Jones.

One thing is not in dispute—the Anthonys do not want their daughter to get the death penalty.

"The fact of the matter is that Cindy Anthony certainly still loves her daughter. [She] doesn't want her daughter to be sentenced to death. Neither does George," said Jones.