Accused Pharmacy Shooter David Laffer's Wife Says He Did It

The wife of David Laffer, the man accused of robbing a pharmacy and killing four innocent people, isn't standing by her man as she told authorities that "he did it." INSIDE EDITION has the emerging details.

They started their married life happily together, but now this husband and wife have ended up in matching perp walks after a crime that horrified the nation.

Authorities say David Laffer, the accused killer in the Long Island pharmacy massacre, pulled the robbery to satisfy his wife's craving for painkillers. And she's quickly ratting him out.

"He did it. He did all of this," said the wife.

Laffer and his wife were arrested in the basement apartment of his mother's house after cops broke the door down with a battering ram.

"Laffer violently resisted police, and his wife physically interfered with officers. They were obviously under the influence of narcotics," said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dorner.

Laffer's face bore the marks of the violent struggle as he was led from a police station.

His wife, Melinda Brady, was barraged with questions by reporters.

An Army veteran with a fondness for skydiving, Laffer proposed to Brady via the jumbotron at an Islanders hockey game.

The couple married in January, 2009. Laffer was reportedly strung out on drugs at his own wedding.

After their wedding, the couple lived in a modest a home in Medford, Long Island. Laffer recently lost his job as a factory clerk after being accused of stealing. When he was fired, he also lost his health insurance and authorities say that's also when his strung-out wife lost her usual supply of painkillers.

Then, on Father's Day, cops say Laffer, wearing a false beard and a cap, walked into a pharmacy and killed four innocent people, then stole 10,000 vicodin-type pills.

"This was a vicious, brutal, execution-type slaying," said County Executive Steve Levy.

Laffer was arraigned Thursday on murder charges.

"He has not been cooperating with our detectives and has showed no remorse," said Dorner.

His wife, who allegedly drove the getaway car, is facing robbery charges.

At a tearful wake for 17-year-old victim Jennifer Mejia, the cap and gown she would have worn at her high school graduation were carried into the funeral home.

And a relative of another victim had this message for Laffer: "You're the devil."

David Laffer has pled not guilty.