Kiss from an Accused Killer: INSIDE EDITION'S Exclusive Footage of The Laffer Wedding | Inside Edition

Kiss from an Accused Killer: INSIDE EDITION'S Exclusive Footage of The Laffer Wedding

INSIDE EDITION has exclusive video of accused pharmacy killer David Laffer and his wife on their wedding day, where one guest said Laffer appeared to be strung out on drugs.

As a grand jury prepares to hear testimony in the shocking suburban New York pharmacy murders, INSIDE EDITION has obtained the exclusive wedding video of the couple accused in the gruesome case.

In the video, it seemed to be a blissful wedding day for massacre suspect David Laffer and his alleged accomplice, Melinda Brady.

The event started when a stretch limo pulled up to a Long Island catering hall. The bride smiled nervously as she prepared for her big moment, posing by the window with her bouquet.

"Thank you to Melinda, for being my bride," Laffer said.

Laffer later posed with his mother; the same woman whose basement the couple was occupying when cops hauled him off to face murder charges.

According to one wedding guest, a gaunt Laffer appeared to be strung out on the special day.

In his speech, Laffer thanked the man who helped him arrange his wedding proposal, which was plastered on the Jumbotron at an Islanders hockey game.

"Thank you Mike from the Islanders that helped set up the whole proposal in front of 16,000 people," Laffer said.

The wedding proceeded in a typical fashion, with the bride and groom cutting a four tiered cake, which was adorned with roses and chocolate icings. They even shared a romantic dance.

When Laffer took off the bride's garter, it was an awkward moment, to say the least. Rather than remove it with his hands, Laffer instead opted to use his teeth. He was completely covered by the bride's dress as he finished the task.

Two years after these scenes were shot, the bride and groom took his-and-hers perp walks: Laffer for allegedly murdering four innocent people to fuel his wife's need for pain killers, Brady for being the getaway driver.
On that day, the newlyweds were toasted by all of their friends. Now, they stand accused of being the husband and wife from hell.