Michele Bachmann Announces Bid for President

Michele Bachmann announced her run for president today in Iowa, but she hasn't accepted an apology from a Fox News anchor for asking her if she was a flake. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The queen of the Tea Party officially kicked off her run for the Republican presidential nomination in a shower of cheers and patriotic music in Iowa.

Bachmann's husband Marcus and four of her five kids made a rare public appearance by her side.

But the Minnesota congresswoman isn't backing down from her clash with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace over the weekend.

In the interview, Wallace asked, "Are you a flake?"

"Well, I think that would be insulting to say something like that," said Bachmann.

Wallace later posted a video online, apologizing for asking the question.

"I messed up. I'm sorry," said Wallace in the video.

But Bachmann made it clear: apology not accepted.

"Do you accept his apology?" asked an ABC News reporter.

"Well, I think that's insulting to insinuate that a candidate for the President is less than serious," said Bachmann.

One of her handlers actually ended an interview when an ABC News reporter pushed for an answer.

"Do you accept his apology?" asked the reporter again.

"Well, those are the small issues. I'm focused on the big ones," said Bachmann.

Bachmann has leap-frogged to frontrunner status in Iowa, where she was born. A new Des Moines Register poll has her in a statistical tie with Mitt Romney for first place.