Casey Anthony's Demeanor Changes When Jury is Present

Casey Anthony has expressed a lot of tears and anguish in front the jury, but courtroom cameras show another side of her demeanor when jurors aren’t present. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Jurors in the Casey Anthony trial are keeping a close eye on her demeanor. But what they see in the courtroom, and Casey's demeanor when the jury is not around, are two very different things.

When the jury is not around, Anthony spends her time laughing and joking with her lawyers. She looks almost flirtatious, touching her lawyer's hand, smiling, being very chatty.

But when the jury is present, she looks stone-faced and serious. She sometimes cries looking at evidence that did not appear to bother her moments before the jury walked in the room.

Judge Jeanine Pirro said, "Her behavior totally changes. She laughs. She jokes with the lawyers. She's going back and forth with them, and then when the jury comes in she's got that flat affect."

True Crime writer Aphrodite Jones has been sitting in the courtroom watching Casey Anthony closely.

Jones told INSIDE EDITION,  "I think she's certainly prepared to show the jury a poker face. And we see that, come on, as soon as the jury walks into the room. It's natural for any defendant to be somewhat different when they are not on display in front of the jury. So, for that, I am not going to fault Casey Anthony. Remember, she's under the microscope of a camera every minute of every day in this trial."