Defense Attempts to Discredit George Anthony and Meter Reader Roy Kronk

There was drama in the courtroom today at the Casey Anthony trial as George Anthony denied having an extramarital affair and meter reader Roy Kronk testified about finding Caylee's remains. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Casey Anthony's father George was grilled in court today about a woman who claims they were lovers.

Defense attorney Jose Baez asked him if he knew a woman named Krystal Holloway.

"I know her by that name and also another name," said George.

Krystal Holloway volunteered in the search for Caylee. She said in a TV interview she and George Anthony had a steamy affair while Caylee was missing.

"Did you have a romantic relationship with her?" Baez asked George in court.

"No, sir. No. To me that's very funny," George replied.

Krystal Holloway claims George told her the secret of what really happened to little Caylee:

"[He told me] that it was an accident that snowballed out of control," she said.

But George denied saying that.

"You never told Krystal Holloway that this was an accident that snowballed out of control?" Baez asked.

"Never did," said George.

But he admitted visiting her at her home, and sending a text message saying he needed her in his life.

"Did you ever tell her not to say anything about your affair with her?" Baez asked him.

"I'm going to say this again. I did not have an affair with her so the answer is no," George said.

"George Anthony was absolutely grilled about this alleged affair that he had. What did you see in court?" INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked True Crime's Aphrodite Jones.

"It's like he's sneaking around, and I saw jurors with skeptical hints on their faces as they started to wonder, 'What is going on in this household?' " said Jones.

There was more drama as the meter reader who found Caylee's body took the stand for the first time.

Roy Kronk described finding what appeared to be a skull and other remains in August 2008, four months before Caylee's body was recovered.

"I saw an object that looked like a skull," Kronk testified.

He called the police, but they found nothing. In December he went back to the same location and found Caylee's skull.

The defense is trying to show that Casey was already behind bars when Caylee's body was dumped by someone else.

"He does not want to appear to be somebody who might have manipulated or maneuvered these remains, and that is what the defense is alleging," explained Jones.

The jury was also shown a videotape of a search by two private investigators shot in November 2008. They found nothing.

But Roy Kronk found Caylee's body in the same location just one month later.