Sarah Palin Scolds Bristol

Sarah Palin gave daughter Bristol a gentle scolding for revealing too much during a TV interview. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Bristol Palin got a bit of a scolding from her mother for sharing a little too much with the press!

Sarah Palin says she still hasn't made a decision about running for president, but that's not what Bristol said during a TV interview.

Bristol told Fox News, "She definitely knows, we've talked about it before, but some things just need to stay in the family."

Bristol's candid conversation prompted 'Mama Grizzly' to give her eldest daughter a gentle scolding.

Palin was attending the premiere of a documentary about her in the key battleground state of Iowa and she told reporters, "I texted Bristol and I said, 'Honey, what did you say this morning on some news program?' "

When a reporter asked Palin if she thinks she's missing the boat by not declaring her presidency, she said: "There are still many, many, months down the road that need to be traveled on before anybody has to make up their mind and declare candidacy."  

"The only real advantage, if she's going to run, of not announcing now and waiting 'til later is it just keeps a little bit more time with her away from the media and out of the real hot spotlight that gets put on candidates," says Politico's Andy Barr.

But Palin runs the risk of being overshadowed by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. A new Gallup poll finds Bachmann with huge name recognition: 69% of Americans know who she is.

As Bachmann continues to make inroads into Palin's base, Bristol says the conservative firebrand is also stealing her mom's look.

"I think she dresses a lot like my mom," Bristol told "You want to [ask her], 'Hummmm, do you think that people don't notice you're dressing like my mom?"

Earlier this week, Bachmann wore a silver jacket very much like one Sarah Palin famously wore at the Republican National Convention in 2008.

Although Sarah Palin may be holding back, Bristol most certainly isn't.