Airplane Attire Controversy

INSIDE EDITION reports on some unusual fashion choices that have shown up on airlines lately, including one man who travels in a bikini and another man who was turned away after showing up in pajama bottoms. 

An electric blue bikini with a sheer white sweater: it's the headline-making outfit that's causing a stir at airports across the country.   

The passenger's name is Howard. He calls his bikini and thigh high stockings his "normal travel outfit."

Videos of Howard posted on YouTube show him traveling the USA wearing everything from hot pants to bright blue leggings.    

One particularly outlandish outfit? A pair of tight black pants and a belly-baring top.

INSIDE EDITION showed Howard's photo to veteran flight attendant Kirsten Bartie, who says she's surprised that cross-dressing Howard was permitted to fly.

"I would not care to serve this man in his underwear on an airplane. I am fully dressed, I would like to serve passengers that also are fully dressed," Bartie said.

For DeShon Marman, traveling is not as easy as it is for Howard. The star defensive back for the University of New Mexico football team wore pajama pants boarding a US Airways flight from San Francisco to Phoniex. But Marman's pants were hanging so low that his underwear was exposed. He says he was struggling with bags.

A Youtube video, shot by another passenger, shows what happened when the captain and police officer asked him to get off the plane.

"My pants were up. It was just coming down that walkway. I'm wearing pajama pants, sir," Marman said.

Marman refused to move and was removed from the plane.

So, what is appropriate attire to wear on an airplane? Why would the same airline– in this case, US Airways– allow a guy in a bikini to board, but have a problem with another guy who wore pajama pants with his underwear showing?

Some bloggers are wondering whether race was a factor.

But another blogger commented, "Racism? Really? You've got to be kidding me. Pull up your pants. Nobody wants to see your boxers."

Kirsten Bartie says there's a real issue of safety involved. "If you get on an airplane and your pants are hanging too low, how are you supposed to get out and run out of an airplane if your pants are falling down?" she said.

The incidents recall the time in 2007 when Kyla Ebbert was almost booted from a Southwest flight for wearing a white mini skirt.  A flight attendant told Ebbert she was dressed too sexy to fly.  

"I was sad, I was hurt, I was really embarrassed," Ebbert said.

Back then there was no official dress code for passengers. And as these two new cases show, there isn't one now, either.