Did Casey Anthony's Lawyer Blow The Case?

Casey Anthony's defense team has come under scrutiny over the course of the trial. INSIDE EDITION reports on what other high-profile attorneys think about the Anthony defense.  

Casey Anthony's defense lawyers are coming in for a lot of criticism over whether they've put up an effective defense. But are the attacks justified? INSIDE EDITION consulted some of the nation's best known lawyers for their take.

Jack Ford, a CBS News legal analyst, told INSIDE EDITION he's not surprised that Casey Anthony did not take the stand. "They're just going to hammer her on all the lies she has told in the past, about a nanny, why she's out partying when her child is dead and she knows her child is dead. That is all going to sound terrible," Ford said.

Tom Meserau was Michael Jackson's defense attorney throughout his 2005 child molestation trial. Jackson never took the stand, and was not found guilty.

"I personally think it might be risky not putting her on and having her deny murder," Meserau said.

Casey Anthony's legal defense is headed by Jose Baez. Baez is coming under fire for reducing George Anthony to tears earlier this week.

Many believe his sobbing testimony was devastating to the defense because it made him look like a grieving grandfather, not the villain Casey's lawyers have made him out to be.

On Good Morning America, HLN's Nancy Grace directly criticized Casey Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez, for blundering with his questioning of George Anthony.

"It was Jose Baez, the defense lawyer, eliciting all this testimony from George Anthony. I couldn't believe the defense was bringing all this out," Grace said.

On the Today show, Star Jones–a former lawyer herself–said it will now be much more difficult for jurors to believe defense claims that George Anthony abused Casey and helped cover up little Caylee's accidental death.

When Ann Curry asked Jones if she felt that the defense "blew it," she answered: "I think 'blew it' is pretty good."

"I think that the defense attorney did the greatest job in rehabilitating a witness I have ever seen, but he wasn't supposed to," Jones said.

But Baez had a better day Thursday, when he deftly handled testimony from the woman claiming to be George Anthony's mistress.

"Today was the first time he's done anything positive," former prosecutor Tad Nelson said.

Now Baez is bracing for the most important day of his legal career: his closing arguments to the jury.
"You might think she's the worst mother in the world. Bottom line is, the prosecution hasn't proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt, so you have to find her not guilty," Ford said.

"Even though they haven't really proven the cause of death, the place of death, or the time of death, it still is a strong circumstantial case and she could get convicted of the ultimate crime," Meserau said.