Royal Couples Make Headlines

Prince William and Kate have been met with exuberant crowds in Canada since they arrived this week. INSIDE EDITION follows the royal newlyweds on their first North American tour together.

Over 500,000 people cheered for William and Kate today on their big trip through North America. Kate's impeccable taste was on display, as she paired a striking red hat with a stunning white dress.

Kate's not only gorgeous, but frugal. The white dress is the same one she wore for her official engagement photo, and the print dress she wore Thursday night is the same one she donned on the eve of her wedding.

On just day two of her Canadian adventure, Kate has already sported four different ensembles.

INSIDE EDITION spoke exclusively to famed royal correspondent Andrew Morton, whose book, William and Catherine: Their Story, was just released. Morton's new website,, also recently went live.

"You see with William that he's always watchful of Catherine, making sure that she's doing ok. I think that she really enjoys the spotlight. Catherine Middleton is taking the world by storm," Morton said.

But Will and Kate are not the only royal couple in the news.

Despite worldwide speculation that she had cold feet, former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock married Monaco's Prince Albert, also known as Grace Kelly's son, in the throne room of the Prince's palace.

At the couple's civil ceremony, the princess bride wore a pale blue blazer. A much more elaborate religious ceremony will take place Saturday.