Casey Anthony Hasn't Had Contact with Parents in Three Years

The Casey Anthony trial is winding down, but there have been some stunning developments today. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Casey Anthony has had no contact with her parents for nearly three years.  

No letters, no phone calls, and no prison visits.

The stunning revelation came from George and Cindy Anthony's attorney, in a phone interview with Fox's Greta Van Susteren:

"Casey's attorney, Jose Baez, thought it would be best not to communicate directly," he told Van Susteren.

And Casey Anthony's former bodyguard is speaking out for the first time.

"She was a very likeable person; she's a nice girl, except if you realize what she did to her daughter," said Tracy McLaughlin.

McLaughlin protected Casey during the height of the search for missing Caylee. She told the Today show Casey was more interested in partying than finding her child.

"She doesn't think like normal people, she's unfeeling," McLaughlin said.

Meanwhile Cindy Anthony is facing potential perjury charges.  

Prosecutors say Cindy lied when she claimed during her testimony that she, not Casey, made those computer searches for chloroform.

Nancy Grace told Good Morning America any mother would do the same:

"What mother wouldn't put out her arm and say, 'Here give me the needle, not my daughter!' I would do it! So they knew Cindy will take the fall if she has to."

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd speaks to true crime writer Aphrodite Jones, who was in court today.

"The prosecution essentially is trying to prove that Cindy Anthony lied on that witness stand," said Boyd.

"The prosecution is walking a fine line here. They don't want to re-victimize the victim, who is Cindy Anthony," Jones said.

And there is more information about George Anthony's failed suicide attempt. The jury was shown a rambling 8-page letter he wrote before taking an overdose of prescription drugs, one month after Caylee's body was found.

"I have decided to leave the earth because I need to be with Caylee," he wrote. "I blame myself for her being gone [...] Caylee, here I come."
And in a trial already filled with drama there was another unexpected twist. A spectator was caught on camera flipping his middle finger at the prosecutor.

The gesture lasted less than a second, but it cost the 28-year-old waiter a week in the slammer.

Judge Belvin Perry sentenced him to six days in the Orange County jail.