Arizona Baby Survives Scorpion Sting

An Arizona baby girl survived being bitten by a deadly scorpion thanks to her mother's quick thinking. INSIDE EDITION has the harrowing story.

Daisy Moors appears to be a normal, happy baby. It's hard to imagine that just one week ago, she was hooked up to tubes and fighting for her life.

The reason? A poisonous sting from a creepy, crawly, scorpion.

Stephanie Moors was on a yoga retreat with her six-month-old daughter in Oracle, Arizona. She had just laid Daisy down on the floor to feed her when a scorpion suddenly crawled under the child's head.

"The worst thing that could possibly happen was happening," Moors said, "I knew what it was and I panicked, and I picked her up as quickly as I could."

But the scorpion had already stung the little girl behind her ear.

Daisy, who was vomiting and convulsing, was airlifted to the hospital.

Little Daisy wasn't breathing, her lung had collapsed, and the scorpion sting triggered a Staph infection.

Recently, young victims of scorpion bites were treated at the University of Arizona with a new anti-venom. The children recovered quickly.

But unfortunately for Daisy, the anti-venom was unavailable. She struggled for five days in the hospital before finally recovering.

In Arizona, there are over 8,000 reports of scorpion stings annually.

Ben Holland actually hunts down the creatures on people's property. In the course of a month, Holland said he pulled 200 scorpions from one person's home!

Scorpions usually only sting when they are surprised or cornered, but that doesn't bring any comfort to the parents who watched their daughter nearly die.

"I am terrified of scorpions now. I hope I never see one again," Moors said.

On top of everything else, Daisy's family does not have health insurance; it was just a week away from kicking in. If you'd like to know how to help Daisy's family, please visit this link: