INSIDE EDITION's Exclusive Look Inside the Anthony Family Home

In 2008, Cindy Anthony gave INSIDE EDITION a rare look inside the Anthony family home, where Caylee lived until she went missing.

INSIDE EDITION has a rare look inside the Anthony family home. The little girl's grandmother, Cindy Anthony, invited INSIDE EDITION into her home in 2008 when Caylee was still missing.

The comfortable house in Orlando was immaculate and well-kept. The entertainment center is decorated with photos of Caylee, and in the kitchen stood a large poster of Caylee.

"There are pictures of my daughter and Caylee. We're a family, you know, we have a lot of pictures of our family," Cindy Anthony said. "I want everybody to know who she is and what she means to us."

In the backyard stood the toddler's playhouse, built by Caylee's devoted grandfather, George. It was her own little world where she could hold make-believe tea parties. Prosecutors even used a photo of it to show how devoted George was to her.

"This is how George and Cindy Anthony felt about their granddaughter. They built her a playhouse in the backyard. He would never have scooped up his granddaughter and put in her a bag and threw her in the woods," the prosecution said.

Little Caylee may be gone, but her spirit still lingers everywhere in her grieving grandparents' home.