Kate and Will Are Happy In Love, But Prince Albert's Bride May Have Doubts

The royals are making the news again today. While Prince William and Kate are taking North America by storm, there is a spotlight on the new Princess of Monaco, who cried during her wedding ceremony. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Prince William and his bride are taking North America by storm, continuing their visit to Canada.

The heir to the British throne showcased his flying skills, taking off and landing several times in an exercise known as waterbirding. The flights were his first ever water landings. Kate, who says she worries every time her husband takes off, waved from the ground.  

Will and Kate are also breaking royal tradition with a public display of affection. The intimate moment happened when the newlyweds competed against each other in a rowing race. Although Kate was trounced by the Prince, there were clearly no hard feelings.
The picture appears much less rosy for the new Princess of Monaco. Princess Charlene was spotted wiping away tears during her wedding over the weekend to Prince Albert.  But were they tears of joy or sadness?

The headline in London's Daily Mirror reads: "Charlene Wittstock bursts into tears as she marries Prince Albert."

Amid reports that Charlene had tried to run away three times before walking down the aisle, Albert looked on uncomfortably.

After the wedding, the couple flew off on their honeymoon to a $7,000-a-night hotel suite in South Africa, Charlene's home country.

But by the look of the bride on her wedding day, she may be wishing she had her own room!

There may be more trouble ahead. DNA tests are being done right now to show whether or not Prince Albert fathered a third love child, which would have been conceived while he was dating Charlene.