Prosecutors' Party Girl Portrayal Didn't Hurt Casey Anthony

The prosecution portrayed Casey Anthony as a party girl who cared more about having a good time than being a mom, but that portrayal didn't seem to hurt Casey in the eyes of the jury. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The prosecution portrayed Casey Anthony as a party girl, drinking and dancing at a nightclub, organizing parties, and even taking part in a hot body contest, showing no outward sign that her young daughter Caylee was dead.

26-year-old Maria Kissh says she partied with Casey. After one night of partying she became concerned about what had happened to Caylee.     

"I asked her where Caylee was," Kissh testified.

"And what did she tell you?" an attorney asked her.

"She told me that she was spending the weekend at the beach with the nanny," said Kissh.

In fact, Caylee was already dead.

100 personal photos of Casey were released into evidence.

The photos, some of which were reportedly shot just days after Caylee went missing, show a scantily clad Casey partying at several bars. Some of the pictures are too raunchy to broadcast. She can be seen kissing another woman and there are pictures of her being fondled by an unknown man.

But despite the party girl photos, the jury didn't convict Casey of murder.