Casey Anthony Verdict Sparks Intense Reaction

The not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial erupted in reaction across the country that echoes the sentiments of the O.J. Simpson verdict. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

There is anger and outrage in the wake of the stunning verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. The moment the verdict was read inside the court that Anthony was not guilty of murder one, fury erupted outside the courtroom.

"She killed her daughter," said one spectator.

"What's the matter with this jury?" asked another.

Another hostile crowd gathered outside the restaurant where the defense team celebrated their victory. The restaurant across the street from the courthouse was shut down for the celebration. Champagne was flowing and there was a jubilant party atmosphere with cheers erupting at times as the defense team watched new coverage on the big screen TV, which was all in stark contrast to the tears flowing in the street outside.

One member of the defense team could be seen videotaping the angry scenes outside. Defense attorney Cheney Mason actually flipped a middle finger from inside the restaurant.

The swampy location where little Caylee's body was found became an instant memorial. Strangers touched by the tragedy left flowers, stuffed animals and balloons.

Florida resident Elizabeth Galan said, "I'm just devastated as a mother and as a human being."

A police cordon was thrown around Casey's parents' house.

A statement on behalf of George and Cindy said: "Despite the baseless defense chosen by Casey Anthony, the family believes that the jury made a fair decision based on the evidence. They now have closure of this chapter of their life."

The anger in Orlando echoed across America in headlines:

"No Justice" blared the Daily News.

"Liar!" said the Tampa Bay Times.

"Not Guilty as Sin" said the New York Post.

And the Orlando Sentinel reads, "Casey Free Soon."

People took to Twitter to express their feelings:

"Breaking news! Jury legalized murder! When Casey Anthony is done clubbing, she'll start working on her book," said one tweet.

Others took to YouTube to express their feelings about the verdict.

Perhaps sensing the fury, none of the jurors would talk about the verdict. One alternate, Russell Huekler, appeared on Good Morning America and expressed total surprise at the public outrage.

"I am sorry people feel that way. I'm shocked. Since I've been home last night and watching news accounts of what I missed, it's actually shocking they are coming out so against the jury," said Huekler.