Playboy Model Murdered And Set On Fire

The brutal murder of a Playboy model still mystifies investigators and everyone who knew the young beauty. INSIDE EDITION speaks exclusively to her former boyfriend. 

Who killed beautiful Playboy model Paula Sladewski, threw her body in a dumpster and set it on fire?

"She did not deserve to die in this way," said Paula's sister.

26-year-old Paula was a former Playboy model. A five foot-eight stunner, she was in frequent demand for modeling interviews. She had gone to Miami with her boyfriend, Kevin Klym for a Lady Gaga concert. The boyfriend told cops they went to a club, where they argued and split up. He says that was the last he saw of her.

"He left, returned to his hotel room, she did not.," said police.

The boyfriend filed this missing person report, and circulated fliers with Paula's photo. That same day, a body was found in a dumpster, burned beyond recognition. The remains were identified as Paula through dental records. Police say the boyfriend is not a suspect but add "he is a person of interest because he was the last known person to have seen her."

Paula's former boyfriend, Dave Coleman, says she had a very volatile relationship with Klym, the current boyfriend. Both Paula and Klym had reportedly been accused of domestic violence against each other. Coleman told INSIDE EDITION about one night when he went to Paula's house.

"I hit a light switch, there's blood on the wall. I'm like, oh (expletive deleted). I hit the other light switch there's all kinds of blood on the mirror and going down the hallway," said Coleman.

A lawyer for Paula's boyfriend says his client had no involvement what so ever in her death, and is cooperating with police. Paula's devastated sister held a news conference to appeal for help finding the killer.

"We can't give her an open casket. I can't see myself living a normal life until I know whoever did this pays for it," said Paula's sister.

The case is a bizarre echo of the murder of swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore. Her body was found in a dumpster near Los Angeles. Fiore's ex-husband, dating show contestant Ryan Jenkins, later killed himself at this motel. Now another model murder waiting to be solved.

"How could anybody do that to little Paula?" asks Coleman.