Did the Media Unfairly Judge Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony has been under media scrutiny for the past three years, but the not guilty verdict has some asking if the media was too quick to judge. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Now that Casey Anthony has been found "not guilty" of murder, the question is: has the media been fair to her since the story broke? Her attorney said no, and likened reporters to a "lynch mob" that was ready to label Anthony a murderer long before the jury made their decision.

Nancy Grace is firing back at Casey Anthony's attorney, Cheney Mason, who flipped off reporters after the stunning verdict. 

"It may have been directed at me, I don't know and I really don't care. I found it very odd that his first comment out of the gate after a not guilty verdict was not about Caylee at all," Grace said.

The HLN talk show host spoke to INSIDE EDITION today after Casey Anthony's lead attorney Jose Baez also blasted TV pundits in an interview with Geraldo Rivera.

"[The jury] heard all of the evidence, not the propaganda and the speculation and the Frankenstein-like lynch mob," Baez said.

Nancy Grace has slammed Casey Anthony non-stop since the case broke three years ago, contemptuously referring to her as "tot mom."

Now, the Daily News calls her a "dis-Grace," but she told INSIDE EDITION she isn't backing down.

"[Caylee] was murdered, and her mother murdered her, and the jury set her free. She will walk free Thursday morning, out to the sweet life," Grace said.

INSIDE EDITION also consulted legal analysts who are weighing in over criticism that there was a rush to judgment about Casey Anthony.

CBS News legal analyst Jack Ford said, "I think there was some weakness in the coverage here. We've all seen a slide towards opinion in news coverage. But you also need to have a healthy dose of objective and thoughtful analysis."

Fox News's Judge Jeanine Pirro told INSIDE EDITION she was appalled by the crude reaction of Casey Anthony's attorney.

"Everyone connected to this case needs to understand this isn't about gamesmanship, it isn't about one-upsmanship, it isn't about getting even with people, it's about the death of a two-year-old," Pirro said.

But no one is taking more heat than Nancy Grace. She says the controversy over her intense coverage of the case shouldn't take away from the fact that little Caylee Anthony is dead.

"I know that Caylee's at peace, that she's somewhere where her mother can never hurt her again," Grace said.