9 Facts You Never Knew About Casey Anthony

INSIDE EDITION brings you nine things you may not have known about Casey Anthony, including letters she wrote while in prison. 

After so much reporting about the Casey Anthony case, you probably think there isn't anything that you haven't seen or heard about the former defendant.

But there are some things you probably don't know about Casey– details she revealed about herself during her time behind bars. In fact, the letters that Casey Anthony wrote from prison expose a side of her that may surprise many people.

#1: Casey suffered a miscarriage in 2007.
"Only a small handful of friends knew," she wrote in the handwritten letter.

#2: Casey was not set on the name Caylee.
She considered naming her daughter Madison. Riley was another possibility.

#3: Casey was often told that she looked like the actress Alyssa Milano.
Casey liked that comparison, writing, "I'll take that as a compliment."

#4: She was a big fan of the 1990's TV comedy In Living Color.
The show featured a young Jim Carey, and at the time, an unknown Jennifer Lopez  as a dancer. Casey wrote, "[Saturday Night Live] and Mad TV have nothing on [In Living Color].

#5: Casey liked Italian-American men, but plans to go for Irishmen when she gets out of jail.
Tony Lazzaro, the man she was dating when she was arrested, is Italian. But in jail, Casey wrote: "I need to stick to my roots and go Irish."

#6: Casey is a devout Christian.
Despite her party girl reputation, Casey's letters reveal a deeply religious side. She frequently quotes bible verses like, "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him."

#7: When she is released from jail, Casey is excited to watch reruns of "classic shows."
Some of her favorites include Seinfeld, Friends, and The King of Queens.

#8: Casey had a thorough appreciation of globe-trotting.
As a teen, Casey belonged to her Orlando school's Travel and Tourism club.

#9: Casey never finished high school.
She dropped out just one credit shy of getting her diploma.

And there you have it: the facts you never knew about the woman all of America is talking about.
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