What Will Casey Anthony's Life Be Like Post Prison?

Will Casey anthony ever be able to live a normal life after she leaves prison? INSIDE EDITION looks at what she will face now that the trial is over.

While she may have thoughts of rejoining her old group of friends, INSIDE EDITION'S Les Trent reports that many of them want nothing to do with her.

A former pal of Casey Anthony's said she'll be shunned by her circle of friends when she gets out of jail.

Clint House, who testified for the prosecution during Casey's trial, was once a roommate of Casey's ex-boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro.

"The only friend she's got right now is her defense team," he said, "We don't plan on hanging out with her, trying to go out and party with her again."

House alleges that Lazzaro has turned against Casey. He told INSIDE EDITION that there's simply no way Casey will move in with any of her old gang, and that Casey will be followed by her infamy everywhere she goes.

"Everybody thinks that she did it," House said, "If I was her, I'd be looking for another country to move to."

INSIDE EDITION is also getting a glimpse of what her life will be like when she does go free, straight from Casey herself.

In letters she wrote to another inmate, Casey made it clear that scoring good food will be at the top of her to-do-list.

"I can't wait to cook a big meal," Casey wrote, "A big breakfast or cookout with burgers, kabobs, the works. This of course would have to wait until we hit every buffet in town."

She continued, "Pizza another day. I want to be in a good food coma for at least two days. And I swear - the moment I am free I am never eating Ramon [sic] noodles again!"

Casey also apparently plans to take a vacation, writing, "I'll start getting things together for our RV trips and such."

And to complete the picture, Casey wants to add a pet to her brood. "Get a male dog or cat and mission accomplished," she wrote.

But the big question for Casey once she walks free is: Can she overcome the huge reservoir of ill-will directed at her?

Public relations expert Marvet Britto said she should do a sit-down interview to make her case.

"Casey Anthony is seemingly the most hated mother in the world.She really has to redeem herself and make people understand what she went through, the mind of Casey Anthony, while all this was going on," Britto said.