Father Alberto Cutie's New Talk Show

Getting advice from a talk show takes on a whole new meaning as a former catholic priest lands his own show. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The handsome priest who was at the center of a sex scandal has landed his own talk show.  

Father Alberto Cutie was a Roman Catholic priest in 2009 when he met and fell in love with a 35-year-old single mom.  Racy photos snapped of them on the beach in Miami caused a media firestorm.  

"We were kissing and touching and all that, that's true," Cutie said.

Cutie left the Catholic Church, but found a home with the Episcopal Church where priests are allowed to marry. He and his girlfriend got married and now have a baby girl. Cutie even baptized her!

Now, in his new Fox talk show Father Albert, the charismatic priest wants to help people with everything from sex to salvation.

"When you have suffered great scrutiny and you've suffered so much public attention, especially negative attention, others who are going through that same type of suffering relate and connect," Cutie said.

Father Cutie is living proof that people can survive anything, and the man once dubbed "Father Oprah" hopes to share that with his TV audience.

"There's always hope, there's always a solution at the end of that dilemma," said Cutie.