Fire Breaks Out at Rihanna Concert

Rihanna’s concert in Dallas was cut short after a fire broke out during a pyrotechnics effect on stage. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Drama unfolded as fire broke out during a Rihanna concert. The stadium staff desperately tried to extinguish the blaze above the stage.

Rihanna was appearing at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The fire broke out after she wrapped up one of her songs with a pyrotechnics display.

Fans were stunned as sparks and debris dropped onto the stage. The flames sent a huge cloud of smoke into the rafters. One fan clutched a t-shirt to his face to shield himself from the smoke.

The drama is a chilling echo of the deadly blaze at a 2003 concert in Providence, Rhode Island, where 100 people lost their lives after a pyrotechnics display went disastrously wrong.

Fortunately, no one in Dallas was injured. Rihanna tweeted, "Glad you guys are safe...Heading into a production meeting to find out exactly what happened."