Another Victim of Phillip Garrido Speaks Out

As Jaycee Dugard speaks out about her horrifying ordeal at the hands of Phillip Garrrido, INSIDE EDITION talks to a woman who was raped by Phillip Garrido 15 years before he abducted Dugard.

No one was watching Jaycee Dugard's harrowing interview Sunday night more intently than Katie Callaway-Hall. She was rapist Phillip Garrido's first victim.

15 years before the abduction of Jaycee Dugard, Callaway-Hall was kidnapped and raped by Garrido. She was held captive at a storage facility in Reno, Nevada, and raped for eight hours.

"I knew he was dangerous back then. I knew he was incredibly evil," Callaway-Hall told INSIDE EDITION.

Almost 15-million people watched Jaycee Dugard tell her heartbreaking story on ABC's Prime Time. The special included jaw-dropping home video of a parole officer coming within 30 feet of finding Dugard.

Garrido can be seen showing the parole officer around his house. And you can hear him being harangued by Garrido's wife Nancy, who was shooting the search. As the officer left, Garrido's wife had the nerve to continue her badgering.

But the officer never checked the backyard, where Dugard and the two daughters she gave birth to were trapped in hell, living in a filthy tent.

"It just infuriated me at how inept they were. They were 30 feet from Jaycee," said Callaway-Hall.

Garrido served 11 years for raping Hall. She says she still can't believe he was released only to rape again. Now she, along with the rest of America, is in awe of Dugard's bravery in telling her story.

"I hope that Jaycee has a long and very happy life and I just wish the best for her," said Callaway-Hall.